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How to Make Time for Breakfast

Most of us have been told our entire lives that we need to eat in the morning, but for some reason, we still don’t make time for breakfast. We tell ourselves that we don’t have enough time in the morning or we’re not hungry when we wake up. Instead, we’ll often grab something convenient, and usually unhealthy, at a coffee shop or fast-food place on our way to work.

It’s not surprising that you feel better throughout the day when you’ve taken the time to eat a proper breakfast. You have better focus, longer-lasting energy and you’re likely in a better mood. Prioritizing breakfast is possible—here’s how planning ahead can help you fit this important meal into your busy schedule.

Prep the Night Before

If typically you find yourself rushing in the morning, then breakfast is probably the least of your priorities when you’re trying to get to work on time. Prepping your breakfast the night before can ensure you get the fuel you need first thing. Overnight oats, breakfast cookies and veggie egg cups can all be made in advance for a quick bite while you’re on our way out or even at work.

If cooking your breakfast the evening before doesn’t appeal to you, try getting the majority of the prep done the night before. If you like to make an omelet for breakfast, chop your veggies in the evening to lessen the time it takes you to cook in the morning.

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Batch Your Ingredients

If cooking every day isn’t your thing, try making a large batch of breakfast foods and freezing them. Go for minimal-effort, long-lasting recipes that make eating daily breakfast a breeze. And, batch cooking is usually more efficient and cost-effective.

Cooking a large batch of breakfast food might take a bit of initial work and planning, but it can save you a lot of time and effort on those busy weekdays. Planning your week can help you determine what types of meals work best with your schedule. A breakfast burrito might not be the best on-the-road option if you have meetings in the morning. Instead, try quick breakfast ideas like an egg muffin that doesn’t take long to eat.

Incorporate a few different types of breakfast options, so you’re not eating the same thing every day.

Stock Up on Grab-and-Go Snacks

Making breakfast yourself might not be in the cards for you, and that’s ok. Grab-and-go snacks can still be healthy. Breakfast ideas on the go include small packages of almonds or nuts, individual containers of yogurt and even some granola bars might be the solution. You can also find healthy breakfast wraps in some grocery stores that are tasty and won’t hurt your waistline.

Another option is to boil a few eggs or purchase pre-cooked eggs that you can quickly pop in your lunch bag or eat as you head out the door. Protein-packed breakfast options keep you feeling satisfied until lunchtime and won’t take much time in the morning to prepare.

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Change it Up

If you tend to avoid eating in the morning, one of the reasons might be that you’re bored with typical breakfast foods. If you’re tired or not interested in classic morning meals like eggs go yogurt, go ahead and change up your breakfasts.

If you’re craving something savory, grab some lunch meat, salty nuts or avocado to fill you up. When you keep different options around the house, you can satisfy your different morning cravings.

If you meal prep and you’re not sure what you’ll be craving, you can invest in Tupperware that gives you options. Separated compartments can help you ensure you’re not only getting a healthy variety of nutrients, but they can also give you choices. Include some almonds, fruit, yogurt and hard-boiled eggs to satisfy those sweet and savory cravings.

Restructure Your Morning Routine

Restructuring your morning routine might be the best option to help you eat breakfast more consistently. Waking up fifteen minutes earlier than usual is one option, but you can look at different ways you can save some time. Think about your morning routine and what can be done the night before. Or think about what you can put off until later to free up time for your morning breakfast routine.

Choosing an outfit in the morning can take up a bit of time—try picking it out before bed. You can also make your lunch in the evening—or even the Sunday before—to free up 20 minutes. Reflect on your morning routine and see how you can shuffle it around.

Additionally, the 10 extra minutes you take to pick up a coffee before work might not be necessary if you make coffee at home. Or ask the kids to take the dog for a walk in the morning so you can have extra time to ensure you’re getting the breakfast you need.

Keep it Light

Some people avoid eating breakfast in the morning because they’re not hungry. This might be because you had a heavy dinner or a late-night snack—or possibly the thought of a large breakfast first thing in the morning is not appealing to you. If you workout in the morning, a belly full of food might not be what you need.

Try breaking up your breakfast into two parts, and remember, your first meal of the day doesn’t have to be huge. Eat a handful of almonds before heading to the gym and maybe opt for a piece of toast or healthy smoothie post-workout. You don’t have to eat everything at once, but fueling your body with something small can make a huge difference in how you feel for the rest of your day.

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Fuel Your Body and Mind

Eating a healthy breakfast is essential because it’s the first food you put into your body after a night of fasting. Your body needs vital nutrients to replenish your energy and boost your mind. Eating breakfast has many health benefits, including a lower risk of diabetes, heart disease and even obesity.

Take time throughout your day to prioritize healthy habits for your mind and body.



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