Good morning, Sunshine!

For as long as he can remember, our founder Tom, has been working through ways to feel at his best in the morning. He spent a lot of time thinking about routines, rituals and breakfast nutrition, knowing that tweaking and improving your morning leads to having much better days. Earlier this year, he quit his job in tech to build a brand focussed on helping people do just this!

Aurora is the result - the antidote to frazzled, rushed mornings that leave your head in a mess before you even get out of the house.

We're launching with morning supplements and will soon be rolling out a range of convenient, plant-based, and ultra-healthy breakfast foods. In addition, we're working with experts across a range of disciplines to put out articles that provide you with inspiration and insight to feel fantastic every. single. morning.

We’re all about helping you have the most productive and healthy start to the day

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