Good morning, Sunshine!

Hey I'm Tom.

I wasn't always a morning person. I spent most of my life trying to negotiate with my alarm clock. It wasn't much better when I finally got out of bed either. I was in 1st gear until I had my first cup of coffee. Then a brief burst of unfocused energy and a few hours later I was practically going in reverse.

That was a few years ago before a friend of mine introduced me to adaptogens. I did my research, tweaked my formula and ratios, made it part of my routine, and became a morning person. Not just because I wanted to be, but because I could be. I've found that the right mix adaptogens and a few additional supplements can kick my brain into 4th gear and keep it there. No crashing or jitters. To get to 5th gear, well, there is no silver bullet, but everyone deserves to get off to a solid start.

I worked with experts across multiple disciplines to make sure that Morning Light was the safest and effective supplement to get you going in the morning. No one was born a morning person. I wasn't. But I got there. With a little help.

You can be a morning person too. With Morning Light.

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