Morning Light


To Improve Focus and Productivity

Say goodbye to groggy mornings with Morning Light.

Formulated to give you a boost of focus and a clear head first thing in the day. 

🌿 6 Potent Adaptogens To Provide Focus and Help Improve Your Productivity
⚡ Slow-release Caffeine + L-Theanine from Guayusa
💊 A Full B Vitamin Complex To Support Your Metabolism

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Find Your Focus, First Thing

A proprietary blend of 6 adaptogens formulated to make you feel more awake and focused in the morning, coupled with a full B vitamin complex to support and boost your metabolism as you wake up.

No wake-up fog or slow-start thinking -- just a crystal clear mind so you can focus on your daily goals.

Morning Light contains:

🌿 Ashwagandha

🌿 Guayusa

🌿 Maca Root

🌿 Tulsi (Holy Basil)

🌿 Rhodiola Rosea

⛰️ Shilajit

⚡ Full B Vitamin Complex

Inside Morning Light: Meet Your Ingredients

Stamina Supporting


An adaptogenic herb frequently used in Ayurveda healing, ashwagandha counts natural stress management properties among its claims to fame.

Native to India and northern Africa, it has long been relied on to support stamina, and in India’s traditional Ayurvedic health system, acts as a restorative tonic.*
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Alertness Increasing


This Amazonian holly bush has been used for millennia by indiginous tribes to boost energy, alertness and concentration.

Naturally containing theobromine and caffeine, these two stimulants, the former being much slower release, work to increase your focus first thing in the morning. In addition, the presence of L-Theanine helps to take the edge off the caffeine to insure a smooth, calming boost to your wake up routine.
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Mood Boosting

Maca Root

An adaptogen that helps the body respond to stress in a healthy way and boosts energy, athletes love maca root for its caffeine-free energizing properties.*

Growing at high elevations in the Andes Mountains, maca root has long been relied on for its all-natural energy.
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Fatigue Fighting

Rhodiola Rosea

This adaptogen herb supports your body’s capacity to manage emotional and physical stress.*

Traditionally, rhodiola was used to support healthy stamina in bitterly cold regions from the Arctic Circle to Siberia where it grows wild.*
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Anxiety Reducing

Holy Basil (Tulsi)

A relative of aromatic culinary basil, Holy Basil is also known as “the incomparable one” and tulsi, meaning “balance.”

An adaptogen that supports your body’s healthy response to stress and is native to India and Southeast Asia where it is revered in traditional medicine.*
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Brain Function Supporting


A sticky substance that forms when plants slowly break down, shilajit is found on rocks in the Himalayan Mountains and has been used as a tonic for thousands of years in Ayurveda to support the body’s healthy response to stress and improve memory.*
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B Vitamin Complex

The eight B vitamins that your body needs are collectively known as the B Complex Vitamins. Each is unique in functionality but in general contribute to cellular-level energy production and brain function.

Being water-soluble, your body struggles to store this class of vitamins and they should be consumed daily.*
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They’re feeling phenomenal. Listen up.

The speed of light

Two capsules, one moment — that’s all it takes to embrace the day with all-natural energy that helps you start every morning on the bright side.

Add Morning Light to your wake-up routine: before you get out of bed, with breakfast, or with your beauty regimen to infuse a plant-based focus boost into your day.


Let's Answer Some Questions

Who is Morning Light for?
Anyone who's looking to give their day a gentle kickstart and wants to improve their focus and mood first thing in the morning!
How will Morning Light make me feel?
Ready to take on the day, with calming and enlightening energy, and more focused outlook
How often should I take Morning Light?
Two capsules first thing in the morning, with or without food.
For best results take it daily, in the morning obvs!
How long will it take for me to see results?
You should feel calming focus fairly soon after consuming it.
Can I drink coffee while taking Morning Light?
Sure. Please bear in mind though that Morning Light also contains approximately 30mg of caffeine from Guayusa, this is about the same as a small green tea.
Where is Morning Light produced?
Morning Light is produced in an FDA-Registered and cGMP-compliant facility in the USA.
Should I take Morning Light with breakfast?
Yes, we would recommend having Morning Light with breakfast.
Is Morning Light vegan?